A dark money group is lying about Medicare cuts

Who the fuck are the “American Prosperity Alliance?”

A cigar-chomping plutocrat in a tuxedo and tophat is wielding a marionette; he is wearing a domino mask; the marionette’s head is a television; the television is displaying a framegrab from the American Prosperity Alliance’s deceptive ad, falsely claiming that $300b will be cut from Medicare, superimposed over the heads of Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. There is a purple ‘supernova’ flare effect behind the television. The figure is posed against a background of white pills. Image: Grumpy Pudd



Writer, blogger, activist. Blog: https://pluralistic.net; Mailing list: https://pluralistic.net/plura-list; Mastodon: @pluralistic@mamot.fr

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