Big Pharma’s vicious battle against universal covid vaccination

Ghost-writing memos for GOP “public servants.”

Cory Doctorow


The Earth, floating in space, with its southern hemisphere in flames; it is being irradiated by a beam-weapon fired by a Death Star-style coronavirus molecule, bearing the Pfizer logo.

Last week, the Biden administration broke with decades of US policy when it supported a patent waiver on covid vaccines. It was the first time in generations that the US Trade Rep acted on behalf of the people, rather than corporate greed.

Taking steps to make vaccines universally and immediately available isn’t just the right thing to do — vaccine apartheid is slow-motion genocide — it’s also the smart thing to do. Billions of unvaccinated people present quadrillions of chances for the virus to mutate.

Don’t listen to the unscientific claims that viruses “tend to become less virulent” over time. Remember, the mechanism by which super-lethal strains go extinct is that they kill all their hosts (that’s us, folks).

Likewise, ignore the racist lie — peddled by morally bankrupt corporate shills like Howard Dean — that brown people in poor countries can’t make vaccines.

Making mRNA vaccines is miraculously efficient, requiring less than 1% of the capital and materials of conventional vaccine production and less than 10% of the time to retool for new vaccines:

The pharma industry knows this, but it’s willing to make a bet that it can outrun vaccine resistance, rolling the dice on the human race to further its shareholders’ fortunes. For months, they’ve been carpet-bombing DC with anti-waiver lobbyists.

When the Biden admin sided with human survival over profit, it sent shockwaves through corporate America. Even Bill Gates — who more-or-less singlehandedly killed every effort to make a universal, public domain vaccine — changed his tune.