Brazil’s “Remuneration Right” will strengthen Big Tech and Big Media

EFF’s Brazilian content regulation banner: A stylized yellow-and-green Brazilian flag with a laptop in the middle; its yellow bars turn into arms that penetrate the laptop’s screen, terminating in grasping claws. Image: EFF CC BY 3.0




Writer, blogger, activist. Blog:; Mailing list:; Twitter:

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Cory Doctorow

Cory Doctorow

Writer, blogger, activist. Blog:; Mailing list:; Twitter:

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A giant in a suit leans on a basketball net, holding a giant ball (which has been replaced by the menacing, glowing red eye of HAL9000); two normal sized people stand in one corner, glaring up at him. Hugh D’Andrade/EFF (modified) Cryteria (modified) CC BY 3.0:

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The cover for Ryan North’s ‘How to Take Over the World.’

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A mountain of garbage beneath a sky of flames and smoke. Atop the garbage is a ‘do not litter’ icon of a human figure putting waste in a trashcan. The waste has been replaced by a glittering gold Bitcoin logo. Image: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Headquarters (modified) CC BY 2.0: