Canadians! #NoSiteBlocking!

You have until May 31 to send comments against Bill C-10.

Cory Doctorow
3 min readMay 27, 2021


Canada’s Bill C-10 is a federal regulation of Canadians’ online expression, from podcasts, social media and blogs to other user-generated content.

Despite claims from the ruling Liberals that opposition to this bill is Tory partisanship, this is a universal issue.

As always, Michael Geist has had the best analysis of how C-10 goes well beyond the government’s claims of modest and sensible rules of the road, instead empowering the CRTC to order blocks and takedowns of otherwise legal content.

Here’s Geist on why the bill does not pass muster with the Charter of Rights and Freedoms:

On why it covers user-generated content:

On the true scope of the bill, including “News Sites, Podcast and Workout Apps, Adult Websites, Audiobooks, and Sports Streamers.”

On the inevitability of site-blocking under C-10:

On the incompatibility of C-10 with Net Neutrality:

and on the bad faith, Trumpian cries of “fake news” by the Liberal Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault.

Contrary to M Guibeault’s smears, opposition to C-10 isn’t a Tory conspiracy. I have never carried water for the Tories — I’ve rung doorbells to campaign against them…



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