How Democrats could win more elections

Do stuff. Make it timely. Tell people about it.

Cory Doctorow
7 min readAug 16, 2022


A kicking mule in the colors of the Democratic Party logo; it is wearing a Zorro-style mask. It is standing on a background of radiating, multihued stripes.

My fellow Americans…if I may call you that? I’ve only been a US citizen for five weeks, but I think I may have identified a key weakness in the Democrats’ electioneering strategy, and I wanted to bring it to your attention because it would be great if the forced birth/martial law/mass incarceration party didn’t win the next election.

If Democrats want to win more elections, they should try:

  • Enacting popular policies, preferably ones that materially improve the lives of potential voters;
  • Making sure those policies take effect before the next election; and
  • Telling people about them.

As a bonus, they could also publicize when Republicans want to enact policies that:

  • Aren’t popular; and
  • Materially worsen the lives of potential voters.

I know, I know. Don’t teach granny to suck eggs! High-paid Democratic Party consultants have forgotten more about this stuff that I’ll ever learn, etc etc. But you guys, I think I could really be onto something.

Take Social Security. Created in 1935 by FDR, Social Security is one of the most popular government programs in US history — and it’s especially popular among old people for some reason, and you know, old people vote a lot!

80% of US voters want Social Security expanded. Not 80% of Democrats — 80% of voters, from a June 2022 survey from Data For Progress:

And yet, a July poll found that 70% of voters hadn’t heard that the GOP wants to “sunset” Social Security — that is, get rid of it, over the next five years. 71% of Republicans didn’t know this — and neither did 76% of independents (who might, you know, vote Democrat if they found out), nor did 64% of Democrats.



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