HSBC: “Who cares if Miami is underwater?”

“A spoof of one of HSBC’s three-panel airport ads. The first panel is a solarpunk image of Singapore Gardens By the Bay, captioned ‘rhetoric.’ The second is a house flooded to the first-storey windows, with a sign showing the same solarpunk image askew and protruding from the floodwaters in front of it; the sign image is dirty and washed out, and it is captioned ‘reality.’ The final panel reads ‘Why investors need not worry about climate risk. HSBC. Who cares if Miami is underwater.’ Image: J

Before I tell you about how HSBC just announced it wants to literally render the planet Earth unfit for human habitation, I want to talk about HSBC’s other crimes. Remember the LIBOR scandal? HSBC was neck-deep in it, costing the world’s public coffers trillions through fraud?



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