McKinsey, consiglieri of the opioid crisis

A McKinsey slide prepared for Purdue Pharma, segmenting doctors into ‘Early Adopting Experts,’ ‘Proactive Treaters,’ ‘Resigned Followers,’ and ‘ER Delayers.’ Each has a dialog bubble expressing their characteristic sentiments, e.g., ‘Resigned Followers’ say ‘I dread the idea of putting patients on opioid therapy, but I have to make that decision because they are my patients.’

McKinsey is a global “consulting” giant, with its tendrils in every unsavory industry from private ICE gulags to (mis)managing violent prisons to publicly funded private charter schools. Internally, McKinsey promotes itself as akin to the Jesuits and the Marines (no, really): “analytically rigorous, deeply principled seekers of…



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