Red Team Blues excerpt

The final adventure of Marty Hench.

Cory Doctorow


The cover of the Tor edition of Red Team Blues, designed by Will Staehle.

My next novel is Red Team Blues, a noir technothriller/heist novel about Marty Hench, a forensic accountant who is the most fearsome financial sleuth in Silicon Valley history. Marty has spent 40 years unwinding tech’s biggest, sleaziest scams, and now he’s ready to retire — but first he has to do one more job:

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My publisher, Tor Books, has just published the first sneak-peek at Red Team Blues, an exclusive excerpt from Chapter 4, where Marty explains to his old friend Raza why he’s doing this job, and she helps him figure out how to crack it:

I haven’t been this excited about a book since 2006, when Little Brother battered its way out of my fingertips in eight weeks flat (the first draft of Red Team Blues took only six weeks!). Tor agreed — they bought this book and two prequels: The Bezzle (about private prison tech)…