The Democrats’ self-immolating fetish for means-testing

A portly business-man in a tux pulling a dollar-sign-shaped lever on a box. The man’s head has been replaced with a grinning skull wearing a mortar-board. The box is emblazoned with a Democratic Party bucking donkey symbol. Behind the man is a blurred image of UCLA’s Royce Hall, a stately brick campus building with two towers flanking an arched doorway and a rolling green lawn. Image: Beyond My Ken (modified) CC BY-SA 4.0: http

Biden campaigned on universal student debt reduction, but now wants to add a means-test; a layer of bureaucratic formalities to identify the “deserving poor.” The neoliberal fetish for red-tape is on the march, and the consequences will be the 2022 mid-terms, and maybe the future of the nation.



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