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The Geico STD story is the new McDonald’s Hot Coffee story

The Adam Ruins Everything title card for ‘The Hot Coffee Case.’ It is a split panel with host Adam Conover on the left at a judge’s bench, banging a gavel, and a confused Hamburgler on the right, in the witness box. They are separated by the center of the ‘M’ in the McDonald’s ‘Golden Arches’ logo. Superimposed over this separator is the Geico lizard, who is limned is a halo of green light. Image: Adam Ruins Everything/College Humor (modified) Fair

Here’s a media literacy rule of thumb: any time you hear about how the courts have done something outrageous and absurd to some poor, long-suffering, gigantic, wildly profitable corporation…dig deeper.

The canonical example is the “McDonald’s Hot Coffee Lawsuit” (aka Liebeck v. McDonald’s



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