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Cory Doctorow


#20yrsago Shirky: Why 3G is doomed

#20yrsago Fed snoops want to wiretap the Internet

#15yrsago Chase Mortgage leaked memo shows “cheats and tricks” used to give out unqualified mortgages

#10yrsago Editorial board of Journal of Library Administration resigns en masse in honor of Aaron Swartz

#10yrsago TSA screener finds pepper spray on the floor, gasses five other screeners because he thought it was a laser-pointer

#10yrsago Why security awareness training is a waste of time

#5yrsago Data Defenders, a media literacy game about data collection and targeting for kids in grades 4–6

#5yrsago The Wall Street Journal on the decade since the crash: inequality, giant banks, regulatory failures, looming catastrophe

#5yrsago Young people hate Facebook because it forces them to have a single identity

Cory Doctorow ( is a science fiction author, activist, and blogger. He has a podcast, a newsletter, a Twitter feed, a Mastodon feed, and a Tumblr feed. He was born in Canada, became a British citizen and now lives in Burbank, California. His latest nonfiction book is Chokepoint Capitalism (with Rebecca Giblin), a book about artistic labor market and excessive buyer power. His latest novel for adults is Attack Surface. His latest short story collection is Radicalized. His latest picture book is Poesy the Monster Slayer. His latest YA novel is Pirate Cinema. His latest graphic novel is In Real Life. His forthcoming books include Red Team Blues, a noir thriller about cryptocurrency, corruption and money-laundering (Tor, 2023); and The Lost Cause, a utopian post-GND novel about truth and reconciliation with white nationalist militias (Tor, 2023).