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Cory Doctorow
3 min readNov 20, 2022


#20yrsago BBC’s new site learns from you

#20yrsago Turducken: chicken-in-duck-in-turkey

#15yrsago Disney lawyers enstupidize ride with dumb legal disclaimer

#15yrsago UK tax authorities repeatedly lose 25m peoples’ tax records

#15yrsago Sardine in Outer Space: Cheerful anarchist comix for kids

#10yrsago Beyond the public debt: making a wider case for openness

#10yrsago US publishers sabotage treaty on the rights of people with print disabilities

#10yrsago Buyer beware: Nintendo nukes $400 worth of downloaded content during DRM-fail migration to Wii U

#5yrsago Scientist puts his dog on the editorial boards of seven predatory journals as proof of their negligence

#5yrsago Puerto Rico, abandoned by Trump and facing disaster capitalism looting by big business, turns to socialist and anarchist collectives to rebuild

#5yrsago America’s private health-care is rationed, but socialized medicine is luxury medicine

#5yrsago How technology’s built in “engagement maximization” destroys mental health in the Trump age, and what to do about it…



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