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Cory Doctorow
2 min readJun 13, 2024

On June 21, I’m doing an online reading for the Locus Awards at 16hPT. On June 22, I’m keynoting the Locus Awards in Oakland, CA. On July 14, I’m giving the closing keynote for the fifteenth Hackers On Planet Earth, in Queens, NY.

#20yrsago Ian McDonald’s brilliant new novel, River of Gods: Bollywoodpunk

#15yrsago British cops deliver Catch 22 to photographers: you’re not allowed to know which areas you’re not allowed to photograph

#10yrsago Duration of WWII vs duration of movies about WWII

#10yrsago George Orwell’s National Union of Journalists card

#10yrsago Thai shrimp industry runs on brutal slavery and murder

#5yrsago It Feels Good to Be Yourself: a sweet, simple picture book about gender identity

#5yrsago The latest popular uprising in Hong Kong is fighting to keep Beijing from dragging dissidents to mainland China

#5yrsago When you take a commercial genetic test, you opt your whole family into warrantless state genetic surveillance

#5yrsago Mary Meeker’s 2019 Internet Trends: stalled growth, security dumpster-fires, more online education and fear of regulation

#5yrsago A deep dive into stalkerware’s creepy marketing, illegal privacy invasions, and terrible security

#5yrsago Amazon unveils a new Echo Dot surveillance device for children

#5yrsago Twitter’s anti-Nazi policies result bans on pictures of anti-Nazi books

#5yrsago In homeless LA, the families, retirees and working people who live in their cars are desperate for overnight parking

#1yrago Podcasting “Ideas Lying Around”