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Cory Doctorow


Tonight (September 27), I’ll be at Chevalier’s Books in Los Angeles with Brian Merchant for a joint launch for my new book The Internet Con and his new book, Blood in the Machine. On October 2, I’ll be in Boise to host an event with VE Schwab.

#20yrsago Feds snooping on Scotch distilleries for fear of chemical weapons conversions

#10yrsago Insurance industry pricing climate risk as a dead certainty

#5yrsago Guy recreates Disneyland’s Fantasyland in his basement

#5yrsago Lies programmers believe about calendars

#5yrsago Detailed look at Google’s secret, censored, spying Chinese search tool

#5yrsago Leaked video reveals Amazon’s union-busting playbook

#5yrsago Hate-speech detection algorithms are trivial to fool

#5yrsago Whatsapp founder: I sold out, but I walked away from $850,000,000 when I quit Facebook

#5yrsago CBS smashes fans’ virtual, noncommercial recreation of the USS Enterprise

#5yrsago UK Tories created a secret anti-Corbyn Twitter army, which promptly attacked Theresa May

#1yrago Federalist Society v Corporate Personhood: Corporations don’t have First Amendment rights except when they’re making political donations, refusing to bake cakes, or blocking birth control