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Cory Doctorow
3 min readJun 4


Tomorrow (June 5) at 7:15PM, I’m in London at the British Library with my novel Red Team Blues, hosted by Baroness Martha Lane Fox.

On Tuesday (June 6), I’m on a Rightscon panel about interoperability.

On Wednesday (June 7), I’m keynoting the Re:publica conference in Berlin.

On Thursday (June 8) at 8PM, I’m at Otherland Books in Berlin.

#20yrsago A librarian on the PATRIOT Act

#20yrsago Willful Infringement — illegal copyright documentary

#15yrsago Sequoia voting machines debacle in New Jersey: unguarded machines and broken tildes

#15yrsago Industry Canada involved in Wikipedia edit-war over Canadian DMCA

#15yrsago Photographers aren’t terrorists and vice-versa

#10yrsago California wants an end to taxpayer subsidy for WalMart

#10yrsago Porno copyright trolls Prenda: expert says they pirated their own movies to get victims to download

#10yrsago This American Life on the awful, crooked mess of the patent system

#5yrsago How do we fix IoT security without blocking interoperability and creating monopolies?

#5yrsago Bavaria says its mandatory crosses aren’t religious, so there should be no problem hanging them upside-down, right?



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