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Cory Doctorow
2 min readMay 24, 2024

For the rest of May, my bestselling solarpunk utopian novel The Lost Cause (2023) is available as a $2.99, DRM-free ebook!

#10yrsago Star Wars with Chinese characteristics

#10yrsago North Korean science fiction and the Maoist road to Mars

#10yrsago Did GCHQ reveal secrets about computer insecurity when it exorcised the Snowden leaks from the Guardian’s laptops?

#5yrsago Study attributes mysterious rise in CFC emissions to eastern Chinese manufacturing

#5yrsago Big Tech: “If the USA enforces antitrust laws against us, it means China will win!”

#5yrsago Federal lawsuit calls college textbook/ebook packages a “scam”

#5yrsago To chase out low-waged workers, Mountain View is banning overnight RV and van parking

#5yrsago The Oliver Twist workhouse is becoming a block of luxury flats with a “poor door”

#5yrsago The Reality Bubble: how humanity’s collective blindspots render us incapable of seeing danger until it’s too late (and what to do about it)