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Cory Doctorow
2 min readJun 27, 2024

On July 14, I’m giving the closing keynote for the fifteenth Hackers On Planet Earth, in Queens, NY. On July 20, I’m appearing at Chicago’s Exile in Bookville.

#15yrsago Myths about Canadian healthcare

#15yrsago Abstinence doesn’t work for IT or for teens

#15yrsago Scam artists con Apple into killing app that tells you when the bus is due in San Francisco

#10yrsago US inches towards decriminalizing phone unlocking

#10yrsago North Korea threatens “merciless” war against the US over Seth Rogen movie

#10yrsago Copyfraud, uncertainty and doubt: the vanishing online public domain

#10yrsago Charlie Stross on the stop/go nature of technological change

#10yrsago Lurking inside Obama’s secret drone law: another secret drone law

#10yrsago Kleargear must pay $306,750 for trashing a complaining customer’s credit

#5yrsago Podcast number 300: “Adversarial Interoperability: Reviving an Elegant Weapon From a More Civilized Age to Slay Today’s Monopolies”

#5yrsago How China ingests and adapts western culture

#5yrsago Prosecutors and federal judges collaborate with corporations to seal evidence of public safety risks, sentencing hundreds of thousands of Americans to death

#5yrsago EU expert panel calls for a ban on AI-based risk-scoring and limits on mass surveillance

#5yrsago You treasure what you measure: how KPIs make software dystopias

#5yrsato Dieselgate 2.0: 42,000 Mercedes diesels recalled for “illegal software”

#5yrsago Insulin: why the price of a 100-year-old drug has tripled in a decade