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Cory Doctorow
2 min readMay 19, 2024

For the rest of May, my bestselling solarpunk utopian novel The Lost Cause (2023) is available as a $2.99, DRM-free ebook!

#20yrsago Bad writerly advice

#20yrsago LotR movies remixed as trenchant Russian political satire

#20yrsago First-person account of Massachusetts gay marriage

#20yrsago PayPal disgraces itself, cuts off FreeNet

#15yrsago Pinkwater’s EDUCATION OF ROBERT NIFKIN: zany and inspiring tale of taking charge of your own education

#15yrsago Technology Bill of Rights

#15yrsago Debt-collectors and credit card companies: the psychologists of predatory lending

#10yrsago Anti-Net Neutrality Congresscritters made serious bank from the cable companies to House Members Lobbying against Net Neutrality from Cable Interests

#5yrsago Apple removed a teen’s award-winning anti-Trump game “Bad Hombre” because they can’t tell the difference between apps that criticize racism and racist apps

#5yrsago Pangea raised $180m to buy up low-rent Chicago properties “to help poor people,” and then created the most brutally efficient eviction mill in Chicago history

#5yrsago AOC grills pharma exec about why the HIV-prevention drug Prep costs $8 in Australia costs $1,780 in the USA

#1yrago How to save the news from Big Tech