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2004, 2009, 2019, 2023.

Cory Doctorow
2 min readFeb 9, 2024


#20yrsago danah boyd’s social networks talk from ETCON

#20yrsago Harlan Ellison’s AOL/Time-Warner suit*/

#20yrsago Google is Harder Than it Looks ETCON talk notes

#15yrsago FDR: Time-travelling destroyer of economies

#15yrsago Kansas Representative introduces anti-netroots campaign finance reform bill

#15yrsago EFF asks the FTC to protect the public from Digital Rights Management

#15yrsago Neil Gaiman waxes sensible on Kindle Audiobooks and the redonkulous Author’s Guild

#15yrsago Salmonella Peanut CEO won’t eat his own peanuts, cites Fifth Amendment

#15yrsago Why the EVE Online industrial espionage econopocalypse is “fun”

#5yrsago A short list of “all the bad things” about Uber and Lyft

#5yrsago The WPA’s horseback librarians

#5yrsago The most censored Wechat topics: US-China trade war, Canadian arrest of Huawei CFO, ZTE sanctions, more

#5yrsago Freedom EV: free/open replacement firmware for your electric vehicle — including a Tesla

#5yrsago How to think about climate change and “cost-benefit analysis”

#5yrsago Artist Nan Goldin leads protests at the Guggenheim and the Met over their reputation-laundering of the Sacklers’ opioid epidemic fortunes

#5yrsago Addressing inequality is foreign policy, not domestic

#1yrago After Ohio rail disaster, Buttigieg is silent on restoring the safety standards Trump repealed