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Cory Doctorow
3 min readSep 17


On September 22, I’ll be livestreaming into the DIG Festival in Modena, Italy. On September 27, I’ll be at Chevalier’s Books in Los Angeles with Brian Merchant for a joint launch for my new book The Internet Con and his new book, Blood in the Machine.

#20yrsago Verisign is damage: route around it,1282,60473,00.html

#20yrsago Al Franken’s Supply-Side Jesus

#20yrsago Kevin Werbach’s kick-ass spectrum paper

#15yrsago RIAA wants to fine lawyer who defends file-sharers for blogging about it

#15yrsago Infographic shows Wall Street’s losses

#15yrsago How SEC rule-exemptions led to the Wall St collapse

#10yrsago Expanded “Welcome to Bordertown” audiobook, with Neil Gaiman, Steven Brust, Ellen Kushner and more

#15yrsago Testimony of Troy Davis, on death row in Georgia

#10yrsago Script for the Gong Show movie

#10yrsago Ten notes on communication from John Scalzi

#10yrsago Rasl: dark comic from Bone creator Jeff Smith

#5yrsago Photos: Hong Kong Disneyland in the aftermath of Super Typhoon Mangkhut



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