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Cory Doctorow
3 min readJun 25, 2024

On July 14, I’m giving the closing keynote for the fifteenth Hackers On Planet Earth, in Queens, NY. On July 20, I’m appearing at Chicago’s Exile in Bookville.

#20yrsago ESC-key creator dies

#20yrsago Orrin Hatch criminalizes the iPod

#20yrsago Schneier: More police power = less security

#20yrsago Ernest Miller savages Orrin Hatch’s grotesque new law

#20yrsago MP candidates on the “Canadian DMCA”

#15yrsago How the Canadian copyright lobby uses fakes, fronts, and circular references to subvert the debate on copyright

#15yrsago Julian Comstock: Robert Charles Wilson’s masterful novel of a post-collapse feudal America: “If Jules Verne had read Karl Marx, then sat down to write The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire“

#15yrsago Health insurance versus health

#15yrsago Guards are the worst prison-rapists

#15yrsago Great Firewall of Australia to block video games unsuitable for people under 15

#10yrsago Thomas Piketty’s Capital in the 21st Century

#10yrsago How accounting forced transparency on the aristocracy and changed the world

#5yrsago America’s super-rich write to Democratic presidential hopefuls, demanding a wealth tax

#5yrsago You can’t recycle your way out of climate change

#5yrsago US election security: still a dumpster fire

#5yrsago “I Shouldn’t Have to Publish This in The New York Times”: my op-ed from the future

#5yrsago Bernie Sanders will use a tax on Wall Street speculators to wipe out $1.6 trillion in US student debt

#5yrsago Mandatory childbirth: how the anti-abortion crusade masks cruelty to women in the “sacralizing of fetuses”

#5yrsago The internet has become a “low-trust society”

#5yrsago “PM for a day”: dissident Tories plan to bring down the government the day after Boris Johnson becomes Prime Minister

#5yrsago Report: UK “Ransomware consultants” Red Mosquito promise to unlock your data, but they’re just paying off the criminals (and charging you a markup!)

#5yrsago Lessons from Microsoft’s antitrust adventure for today’s Big Tech giants