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Cory Doctorow


#15yrsago Radio show about gaming in China: propaganda, paranoia and gold-farming

#15yrsago Baseball players’ stats aren’t property

#15yrsago William Gibson on futurism, terrorism and other isms

#10yrsago Coming to America: Six copyright accusations, lose your Internet

#10yrsago Researcher claims feasibility of writing lethal wireless pacemaker viruses,hacked-terminals-capable-of-causing-pacemaker-mass-murder.aspx

#10yrsago Dutch government gives itself the right to break into your computer and destroy it

#10yrsago Why casual sexism in science matters

#10yrsago Corruption in Arizona National Guard, from “bum-hunts” to sexual harassment

#5yrsago NYPD has no backup for its seized property database, recording millions in annual seizures

#5yrsago Leaked ICE forfeiture manual instructs agents to seize houses if they contain a phone implicated in crime

#5yrsago Mobile ad technique allows stalkers to follow you around a city for less than $1000

#5yrsago Troubles loom for patent trolls who rent sovereign immunity from Native American tribes