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Cory Doctorow
2 min readJun 9


#20yrsago Biopiracy: a new colonialism

#20yrsago Ed Felten explains why “black box” DRM tech is bad for society

#15yrsago Kucinich begins impeachment process for GW Bush

#15yrsago My new graphic novel for sale and as a free, remixable, shareable download

#10yrsago NSA whistleblower goes public

#10yrsago New NSA leak: BOUNDLESSINFORMANT documents the extent of NSA spying around the world

#10yrsago What Prism slide-presentation means by “direct access” to Internet giants’ servers

#10yrsago Beastles are back: double-album of Beastie Boys/Beatles mashups imminent

#10yrsago PRISM and Canada: what are the north-of-the-border implications of American spooks gone wild?

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