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Cory Doctorow
2 min readMay 17, 2024

TONIGHT (May 17) I’m in San Francisco at the Internet Archive to keynote the tenth anniversary of the Authors Alliance.

#15yrsago How kids use the net now, from danah boyd

#15yrsago Danger Mouse’s EMI-killed CD will be released as a blank CD-R, just add download

#15yrsago Chicago Alderman vandalizes public art depicting CCTVs

#10yrsago Cloud computers are computers you can only use with someone else’s permission

#10yrsago Photo of NSA technicians sabotaging Cisco router prior to export

#5yrsago Watch: Tim Wu debates trustbusting with Tyler Cowen, who just wrote “a love letter” to Big Business

#5yrsago A report from the Christchurch Call, where the future of “anti-extremist” moderation was debated at the highest levels

#5yrsago Lent: Jo Walton’s new novel is Dante’s Groundhog Day

#5yrsago EPA Inspector General Report finds massive waste from Trump’s Pruitt flying business class, staying in swanky hotels

#5yrsago Under Trump, immigrants who serve in the armed forces are finding it harder to attain citizenship than those who do not serve

#5yrsago California set to legalize eating roadkill

#5yrsago Florida Governor says the FBI told him how the Russians hacked Florida voting machines, but swore him to secrecy

#5yrsago Grifty “information security” companies promised they could decrypt ransomware-locked computers, but they were just quietly paying the ransoms

#5yrsago Luna: Moon Rising, in which Ian McDonald brings the trilogy to an astounding, intricate, exciting and satisfying climax

#1yrsago Rent control works