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2012, 2017, 2021.

Cory Doctorow


#10yrsago Copyright versus human rights

#5yrsago A new, virulent ransomware epidemic is fuelled by yet another leaked NSA cyberweapon

#5yrsago A socialist candidate for Minneapolis city council has broken all fundraising records through individual $25 donations

#5yrsago Six months before the breach, a researcher warned Equifax that all its data was unprotected

#5yrsago A common satellite comms package for ships and oil rigs has a backdoor that won’t be patched

#5yrsago 200 Trump inauguration protesters face 70 years in prison each over 6 broken windows

#5yrsago Trump Cabinet Secretary’s hometown, 2-person company wins $300m power-rebuilding contract in Puerto Rico

#1yrago Maxing out our global credit-card with authoritarian debt: Or, why countries are spending more on “border security” than the climate emergency

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