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Cory Doctorow
2 min readNov 21, 2023

This Wednesday (November 22), I’ll be joined by Vass Bednar at the Toronto Metro Reference Library for a talk about my new novel, The Lost Cause, a preapocalyptic tale of hope in the climate emergency.

#15yrsago Free to Be… You and Me: the 35 Anniversary Edition: the book every kid needs

#15yrsago Digital Youth Project: If you care about kids and want to understand how they use technology and why, this is a must-read

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#5yrsago Copyright and the “male gaze”: a feminist critique of copyright law

#5yrsago Leaks reveal the health care industry’s playbook for smearing and spinning Medicare for All out of existence by 2020

#5yrsago “The End of Trust” — EFF/McSweeney’s collaboration on privacy and surveillance — is in stores and free to download now!

#5yrsago On the role of truth and philosophy in fantastic fiction

#5yrsago Trump spent $200,000,000 on the election stunt of sending 6,000 troops to the border, then withdrew them before the caravan arrived

#5yrsago Electrification 2.0: Rural broadband co-ops are filling the void left by indifferent monopolists

#5yrsago Dystopia watch: a roundup of the DOD’s new less-lethal weapons

#5yrsago Portrait of a fake news troll and the racist retiree who believes everything he writes

#5yrsago This month, the climate-denyingist red state AGs lost their jobs to Dems: time to sue the US government

#1yrago Anything That Can’t Go On Forever Will Eventually Stop