This day in history

2008, 2013, 2018.

Cory Doctorow


#15yrsago Southern racists adopt “Canadian” as a euphemism for “black”

#15yrsago Bavarian gov’t caught buying malware to intercept Skype calls

#10yrsago Berlin activists create CCTV-smashing street game

#5yrsago OK, panic again: patching Spectre and Meltdown has been a disaster

#5yrsago Your early darknet drug buys are preserved forever in the blockchain, waiting to be connected to your real identity

#5yrsago The Financial Times’s 404 page is an ingenious, hilarious introduction to major concepts in economic theory

#5yrsago A journalist who was sued by Trump describes Trump’s hilarious incompetence under oath

#5yrsago Canada stripped the TPP of its terrible IP proposals: will the US seek revenge in NAFTA talks?

#5yrsago The elite belief in Uberized, Muskized cities is at odds with fundamental, irrefutable facts of geometry

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