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Cory Doctorow
May 25, 2024

For the rest of May, my bestselling solarpunk utopian novel The Lost Cause (2023) is available as a $2.99, DRM-free ebook!

#20yrsago AT&T: the hollow phone company

#15yrsago Kid keeping a lending library of banned books in her locker

#10yrsago Scratch-built Mold-a-Rama machine

#5yrsago Real estate title insurance company exposed 885,000,000 customers’ records, going back 16 years: bank statements, drivers’ licenses, SSNs, and tax records

#5yrsago Germany demands an end to working cryptography

#5yrsago Comcast fights shareholder call for lobbying transparency, saying that it would be “burdensome” to reveal how much it spends lobbying states