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Cory Doctorow
2 min readFeb 22, 2024


I’m on tour with my new novel The Bezzle! Catch me TONIGHT in SAN DIEGO (Feb 22, Mysterious Galaxy). After that, it’s LA, Seattle, Portland, Phoenix and more!

A yellow rectangle. On the left, in blue, are the words ‘Cory Doctorow.’ On the right, in black, is ‘The Bezzle.’ Between them is the motif from the cover of *The Bezzle*: an escheresque impossible triangle. The center of the triangle is a barred, smaller triangle that imprisons a silhouetted male figure in a suit. Two other male silhouettes in suits run alongside the top edges of the triangle.

#15yrsago Parent of gamer asks his son to honor the Geneva Conventions

#15yrsago UAE plans ban on negative economic reporting

#15yrsago UK’s top snoop gets finked out by her neighbours

#15yrsago Stimulus bill requires RSS feeds of how the money is spent

#10yrsago Conservative western bloggers: Ukraine strongman’s pay-for-play useful idiots

#10yrsago I am a Ukrainian: powerful, viral video about Euromaidan

#10yrsago Kansas lawmaker introduces bill to permit teachers to hit children hard enough to bruise

#10yrsago Canadian court rules on copyright trolls: letters can go ahead, under strict supervision

#10yrsago Mall cops freak out over steampunk meetup, call the real cops

#10yrsago Openknit: a Reprap-inspired open source knitting machine

#5yrsago Beyond “more copyright”: how do we improve artists’ lives and livelihoods through policy?

#5yrsago Iowa’s electricity monopolist Midamerican Energy has written a bill to let it “monopolize the sun”

#5yrsago Tucker Carlson thought anti-elite historian would be an easy interview, but ended up telling him “go fuck yourself”

#5yrsago As sports company abandons support for “smart” basketball, Nike pushes a software update that bricks its self-tying shoes

#5yrsago The TRUE Fees Act: legislative proposal to force cable/ISP companies to advertise the true cost of their services, inclusive of surcharges

#1yrago Matt Ruff’s “Destroyer of Worlds”