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2004, 2009, 2014, 2019, 2023.

Cory Doctorow
2 min readFeb 5, 2024


#20yrsago Itunes blocks you from sharing music with YOURSELF, on your own computer

#20yrsago How fanfic makes kids into better writers (and copyright victims)

#15yrsago Flashmob of ATM crooks scores $9 million in 49 cities

#15yrsago Internet not full of pedos, the statistical edition

#10yrsago Turks bid farewell to the Internet in the face of brutal censorship/surveillance law

#10yrsago Middle class brands collapse, 1% brands thrive

#10yrsago How UK spies committed illegal DoS attacks against Anonymous

#10yrsago Toronto’s reference library gets a makerspace

#10yrsago Toxic Avenger’s brilliant rant about the importance of Net Neutrality

#5yrsago One of pharma’s most notorious gougers is going bankrupt, but 2019 is a banner year for shkreli-grade pharmaceutical price-hikes

#5yrsago Chasing down that list of potential Predpol customers reveals dozens of cities that have secretly experimented with “predictive policing”

#5yrsago Amazon is using purchase data to sell targeted ads, which is creepy, but not because they’ve invented a mind-control ray

#5yrsago The next Firefox will block all autoplayed audio, video

#5yrsago RIP, author Carol Emshwiller

#5yrsago Washington State sheriff used courtroom camera to zoom in on defense attorney and juror’s private notes

#5yrsago Lawsuit says that America’s “break even” court records website shouldn’t be making 98%+ profits

#5yrsago Fox News blames schools teaching “fairness” for support for a tax on the super-rich

#1yrago Bruce Schneier’s “A Hacker’s Mind”