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Cory Doctorow
1 min readJun 17, 2024

On June 20, I’ll be live onstage in Los Angeles for a recording of the Go Fact Yourself podcast. On June 21, I’m doing an online reading for the Locus Awards at 16hPT. On June 22, I’m keynoting the Locus Awards in Oakland, CA. On July 14, I’m giving the closing keynote for the fifteenth Hackers On Planet Earth, in Queens, NY.

#20yrsago Neuromancer jacket-quote

#20yrsago Vatican reduces Inquisition’s atrocity-count

#20yrsago Orin Hatch to make “counselling infringers” a crime

#15yrsago China backs off on mandatory spyware

#15yrsago EFF kills another stupid internet patent

#15yrsago Kids lose their summer break due to impenetrable bureaucratic mess

#10yrsago IRS won’t fix database of nonprofits, so it goes dark

#10yrsago Father’s Day: Groucho sings “Father’s Day”

#1yrago Conservatives are fringe outliers — and leftists could learn from them