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Cory Doctorow
2 min readAug 8, 2022


#15yrsago BBC podcast: what’s the future of the BBC’s archive?

#15yrsago Original proposal for William Gibson’s Spook Country

#10yrsago Wild stuff they’ll teach in Louisiana’s publicly funded charter schools

#10yrsago Curiosity landing is a bonanza for YouTube ContentID copyfraudsters

#10yrsago Every one of Rudy Rucker’s short stories on one web-page for free

#10yrsago Who will buy the WELL?

#10yrsago Call centre brings in prison labour at £3/day, fires regular workers

#5yrsago Toronto’s amazing science fiction library, the Merril Collection, has a new head librarian

#5yrsago Desperate last-ditch attempt to save the right to sue abusive nursing homes

#5yrsago Establishment Dems worried they’ll get primaried if they don’t back single-payer healthcare

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