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Cory Doctorow
2 min readJun 21, 2024

(Tonight) June 21, I’m doing an online reading for the Locus Awards at 16hPT. On June 22, I’m keynoting the Locus Awards in Oakland, CA. On July 14, I’m giving the closing keynote for the fifteenth Hackers On Planet Earth, in Queens, NY.

#10yrsago How Hachette made the rope that Amazon is hanging it with

#10yrsago Public opinion of Congress reaches a new low

#10yrsago Congress passes anti-mass surveillance amendment with overwhelming support

#10yrsago UK bans teaching Creationism as science in schools

#10yrsago NSA helps foreign governments conduct mass surveillance at home

#5yrsago Ta-Nehisi Coates makes the case for reparations to Congress

#5yrsago Wonderful profile of Anita Sarkeesian, the feminist games critic who made an army of shitty manbabies very, very upset

#5yrsago The “ghost networks” of mental health professionals that US health insurers rely on to deny care to their patients

#5yrsago UK government quietly cancels “age verification” system that would have compiled a database of every Briton’s sexual fantasies