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Cory Doctorow
2 min readMay 23, 2024

For the rest of May, my bestselling solarpunk utopian novel The Lost Cause (2023) is available as a $2.99, DRM-free ebook!

#15yrsago LA cop union buys stake in newspaper, demands critical writers be fired

#15yrsago UK towns move to extend abusive license plate surveillance grid

#15yrsago BA getting rid of first class in new planes

#15yrsago English schoolkids go on strike until CCTVs are removed from classes

#15yrsago Obamabot to be installed at Disney World, will robotically cover up torture, suspend habeas corpus

#15yrsago Obama promises to suspend Habeas Corpus

#15yrsago Verizon to cops: we won’t help you track down sick, possibly dying man unless you pay his $20 phone bill

#15yrsago T-Minus: graphic novel tells the history of the space race

#10yrsago Brandalists replace 365 outdoor ads in 10 UK cities with hand-printed works of art

#10yrsago Glorious juvenile moment of Dragon’s Lair heroism

#10yrsago Edward Snowden hosted a cryptoparty and ran a Tor exit node

#10yrsago Substitute fine old rums for bourbon and save

#10yrsago House leaders gut NSA-curbing USA FREEDOM Act

#5yrsago Exploitation of workers becomes more socially acceptable if the workers are perceived as “passionate” about their jobs

#5yrsago The “Uber of Live Music” will charge you $1100–1600 to book a house show, pay musicians $100

#5yrsago Trump’s stealth attack on Social Security: “Chained CPI”

#5yrsago In less than one second, a malicious web-page can uniquely fingerprint an Iphone, Pixel 2 or Pixel 3 without any explicit user interaction

#5yrsago Americans believe that they should own the mountains of data produced by their cars, but they don’t

#5yrsago A self-appointed wing of the American judicial system is about to make it much harder to fight terms of service

#1yrago Justice Warriors