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Cory Doctorow
2 min readJan 24


#15yrsago God Save Stan Lee tee

#15yrsago FBI whistleblower tells librarians about discriminatory practices and bad procedure at the Bureau

#10yrsago Tim Wu: “Escape From Tomorrow” doesn’t violate Disney’s copyright

#5yrsago EU fines Qualcomm over $1 billion for anti-competitive iPhone deal

#5yrsago The NSA’s new “core values” statement no longer includes “honor,” “honesty” or “openness”

#5yrsago For 100 minutes, more than a million tuned into Sanders’ Medicare for All town hall

#5yrsago California’s lax usury laws means out-of-state loan sharks are charging desperate Californians 183% APRs

#5yrsago Florida state cop says he can’t remember why he bought mobile stalking app

#5yrsago Congressional Budget Office will (eventually) investigate the millions of fraudulent anti-Net Neutrality comments sent to the FCC

#5yrsago TWANG! A one-dimensional dungeon-crawler that uses a springy doorstop as a controller

#5yrsago Despite the FCC, more than 750 predominantly conservative US communities have built their own publicly owned ISPs

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