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Cory Doctorow
2 min readJun 11, 2022


#15yrsago Snitchtown

#15yrsago Ken MacLeod’s “Execution Channel” — chilling blogothriller

#10yrsago Students assigned to cheat on exam use doctored Little Brother cover and many other clever methods

#10yrsago On receiving an honorary doctorate in computer science from the Open University

#10yrsago G4S: the scandal-embroiled “private security” behemoth that will provide 10,000 “security contractors” to London 2012

#10yrsago FTC sets sights on scammy “crammers” who bill your phone a fortune for services you don’t need, want, or use

#5yrsago Arduino’s “arm’s-length” foundation is being run by CEO who lied about his degrees from MIT and NYU

#5yrsago The Tories’ failed £1.2m social smear ads reveal callouses on our attention’s tender spots

#1yrago Privacy Without Monopoly, EU edition: The GDPR forbids competition in human rights abuses

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