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Cory Doctorow
2 min readMay 16, 2024

Tomorrow (May 17) I’m in San Francisco at the Internet Archive to keynote the tenth anniversary of the Authors Alliance.

#20yrsago Mayor dispatches cops to bust blogger-critic

#15yrsgo The Yggyssey: Pinkwater takes on The Odyssey

#15yrsago Sony Pictures CEO: “Nothing good from the Internet, period.”

#10yrsago FCC brings down the gavel on Net Neutrality

#10yrsago IETF declares war on surveillance

#10yrsago Rob Ford: a night of drunk driving, racism, drugs, beating friends and demeaning his wife

#10yrsago Aussie politician calls rival a “c*nt” in Parliament, gets away with it

#10yrsago Mozilla CAN change the industry: by adding DRM, they change it for the worse

#10yrsago De-obfuscating Big Cable’s numbers: investment flat since 2000

#10yrsago Nude closeups of people who are more than 100 years old

#5yrsago Alex Stamos on the security problems of the platforms’ content moderation, and what to do about them

#5yrsago Axon makes false statements to town that bought its police bodycams, threatens to tase their credit-rating if they cancel the contract

#5yrsago After retaliation against Googler Uprising organizers, a company-wide memo warns employees they can be fired for accessing “need to know” data

#5yrsago Discovering whether your Iphone has been hacked is nearly impossible thanks to Apple’s walled garden

#5yrsago Foxconn promised it would do something with the empty buildings it bought in Wisconsin, but they’re still empty (still no factory, either)

#1yrago Ireland’s privacy regulator is a gamekeeper-turned-poacher