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Cory Doctorow
3 min readMay 23


Tonight (May 23) at 8PM, I’ll be in TORONTO for a book launch for Red Team Blues that’s part of WEPFest, a benefit for the West End Phoenix, onstage with Dave Bidini (The Rheostatics), Ron Diebert (Citizen Lab) and the whistleblower Dr Nancy Olivieri.

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#20yrsago EFF on Total Info Awareness

#15yrsago Villagers from three continents will confront Chevron execs at annual meeting

#10yrsago How London cops use social media to spy on protest movements

#10yrsago Vermont passes anti-patent-troll law

#10yrsago RIAA losing money, firing employees, giving execs raises

#10yrsago Forging £1 coins is apparently profitable

#5yrsago 500,000 home routers have been infected with VPNFilter, malware that steals data and bricks devices

#5yrsago The FBI’s mountain of uncrackable crimephones was nearly entirely imaginary

#5yrsago A free internet is a configurable internet

#5yrsago The Democratic candidate for the Georgia governorship is a Black woman running on an “unapologetic progressive” platform…



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