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Cory Doctorow
2 min readNov 21, 2022


#15yrsago Time’s Joe Klein gets everything wrong in column about NSA domestic spying

#10yrsago Five reasons to opt out of TSA pornoscanners this weekend

#10yrsago Creationist fifth grade science textbook used in Louisiana public school

#10yrsago Toronto Mayor Rob Ford demonstrates his governance style

#5yrsago After a Freedom of Information lawsuit, the White House visitor logs are now available online as a free searchable database

#5yrsago The stairs in a viral sensation public library in China run with blood, and its “books” are just sheets of aluminum screened with pictures of spines

#5yrsago The FCC will move to kill net neutrality over Thanksgiving and it thinks that we’ll all be too busy eating and shopping to notice

#5yrsago Paul Ryan imagines “Cindy,” a hypothetical beneficiary of his tax plan, doesn’t realize she and her child are starving to death

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