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Cory Doctorow
2 min readDec 4, 2023


Tomorrow (Dec 5), I’m at Flyleaf Books in Chapel Hill, NC, with my new solarpunk novel The Lost Cause, which’s Bill McKibben called “The first great YIMBY novel: perceptive, scientifically sound, and extraordinarily hopeful.”

#20yrsago Stephen King: forget piracy, boomers are just tired of buying crap

#15yrsago Britain ordered to destroy its database of innocents’ DNA

#10yrsago Charity sends Amazon a cake celebrating 3d anniversary of unpaid invoice

#10yrsago Blues Brothers mall car-chase recreated in Lego

#10yrsago NSA’s talking points for friends and family — rebutted

#5yrsago Malware authors have figured out how to get Google to do “irreversible takedowns” of the sites they compete with

#5yrsago Facebook lured charities to its platform, then abandoned them once they got hacked

#5yrsago Thousands of Wisconsinites turn out to protest outgoing Republicans’ plan to seize power after electoral defeat

#5yrsago Facebook made itself indispensable to media companies, “pivoted to video,” changed its mind, and triggered a industrywide mass extinction event

#1yrago Yes, It’s Censorship

It’s EFF’s Power Up Your Donation Week: this week, donations to the Electronic Frontier Foundation are matched 1:1, meaning your money goes twice as far. I’ve worked with EFF for 22 years now and I have always been — and remain — a major donor, because I’ve seen firsthand how effective, responsible and brilliant this organization is. Please join me in helping EFF continue its work!