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Cory Doctorow
2 min readMay 22, 2021


#20yrsago Linux virus fixes your computer

#15yrsago HDMI, the Manchurian DRM — a Broadcast Flag dormant until 2010

#15yrsago U. Florida cops ask fiction writer for fingerprints, DNA

#10yrsago Byron Sonne: Canadian security geek jailed for taunting G20 security theatre

#10yrsago Vindictive game company invites employees to pan reviewer’s novel after bad review

#10yrsago GOP legislative aide works on punitive voter ID bill, boasts of illegally voting in another district

#5yrsago Sex Criminals: Robin Hood bank robbers who can stop time when they orgasm

#5yrsago JJ Abrams urges Paramount to drop its lawsuit over fan Star Trek movie

#5yrsago NRA endorses Trump

#1yrago Mum uses GDPR to force Gran to take down pics

#1yrago Copyright bots are slaughtering classical musicians’ performances

#1yrago How spy agencies targeted Snowden journalists

#1yrago Monopolies killed corporate R&D



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