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Cory Doctorow


#20yrsago Bruce Sterling on Star Wars

#20yrsago Dan Gillmor on “the former audience”

#15yrsago EL Doctorow’s gigantic Civil War novel “The March”

#15yrsago Neuros OSD: a set-top box that treats you like an owner

#15yrago Gonzales proposes criminalizing “attempted infringement”

#15yrsago Falwell’s stupidest quotes, direct from hell

#15yrsago Your old CD ROMs could help EFF kill a bogus patent!

#10yrsago Finnish court: open WiFi owners not responsible for copyright infringement

#10yrsago “Ghosts With Shit Jobs” econopocalypse mockume

#5yrsago FCC halts public comments on Net Neutrality

#5yrsago Charles Babbage wrote a “cardboard vaporware” app in 1840 and left it in Turin

#5yrsago Louisiana’s public defender’s office is largely nonexistent so poor people just plead guilty

#5yrsago Across America, employers are using noncompetes to claim ownership of employees’ skills