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Cory Doctorow
2 min readMar 15


#20yrsago Moorcock savages PKD

#20yrsago Airport luggage inspectors policing thoughtcrime

#15yrsago House votes against telcom immunity for illegal wiretapping

#15yrsago Finnish MP proposes week-long “love vacation” law

#15yrsago TSA officials running illegal private consultancy?

#10yrsago Legal issues in Pirate Cinema analyzed by IP lawyer

#10yrsago Makies in Make:

#10yrsago Weird probabilities of non-transitive “Grime Dice”

#10yrsago Aaron Swartz defense: prosecutor Steve Heymann deliberately withheld exculpatory evidence

#10yrsago English town council wants to abolish apostrophes in street-names to end “confusion”

#10yrsago National Post wants to copyright article titles

#5yrsago Caped one-percenters: how superheros make out like bandits under the Trump tax-plan

#5yrsago China’s mass surveillance and pervasive social controls are based on a rocket scientist’s advocacy for “systems thinking”…



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