This day in history

Cory Doctorow
2 min readNov 29, 2023

2008, 2013, 2018, 2022.

Tonight (November 29), I’m at NYC’s Strand Books with my novel The Lost Cause, a solarpunk tale of hope and danger that Rebecca Solnit called “completely delightful.”

#15yrsago Peak Population: when will population growth stop, why, and how?

#15yrsago James Boyle’s “The Public Domain” — a brilliant copyfighter’s latest book, from a law prof who writes like a comedian

#10yrsago NSA and Canadian spooks illegally spied on diplomats at Toronto G20 summit

#10yrsago New CC licenses: tighter, shorter, more readable, more global

#10yrsago Berlusconi kicked out of Italian senate

#5yrsago Sennheiser’s headphone drivers covertly changed your computer’s root of trust, leaving you vulnerable to undetectable attacks

#5yrsago New York City’s municipal debt collectors have forged an unholy alliance with sleazy subprime lenders

#5yrsago Here’s how the Pentagon swindled Congress with $21 trillion worth of undocumented, untraceable, unaccounted for expenditures

#5yrsago The prosecutor who helped a rich serial child rapist escape justice is now a Trump Cabinet member

#5yrsago Reddit takes a stand against the EU’s plan to break the internet

#5yrsago The secret history of science fiction’s women writers: The Future is Female!

#5yrsago Redaction ineptitude reveals names of Proud Boys’ self-styled new leaders

#5yrsago Redaction ineptitude reveals Facebook’s 2012 plan to sell Graph API access to user data for $250,000

#5yrsago Google engineer calls for a walkout over China censorship and raises $200K strike fund in hours

#5yrsago Correlates of Trump voting: searches for erectile dysfunction, hair loss, how to get girls, penis enlargement, penis size, steroids, testosterone and Viagra

#5yrsago Google’s secret project to build a censored Chinese search engine bypassed the company’s own security and privacy teams

#5yrsago Mozilla pulls a popular paywall circumvention tool from Firefox add-ons store

#1yrago The Big Four accounting firms are one (more) scandal away from collapse