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Cory Doctorow
2 min readAug 9, 2021


#15yrsago HOWTO photoshop a house into a haunted mansion

#15yrsago Canadian librarians decry “Captain Copyright”

#10yrsago Canadian scholars & public interest groups oppose Canada’s Internet spying law

#10yrsago Lev Grossman’s The Magician King

#5yrsago Return of Dieselgate: 3 more hidden programs found in VW Audi/Porsche firmware

#5yrsago Your medical data: misappropriated by health-tech companies, off-limits to you

#5yrsago Illegal “Warranty Void If Removed” still ubiquitous: they’re on the Xbox One S

#5yrsago Mysterious medical research consortium: we should own volunteers’ clinical trial data for 5 years

#1yrago Commercial real-estate’s looming collapse

#1yrago Test-proctoring software worsens systemic bias

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