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Cory Doctorow
2 min readJan 21


#20yrsago Recording industry needs collaborative filtering

#20yrsago Origin of spam

#15yrsago Joel Johnson puts AT&T on the spot over copyright spying plan

#10yrsago Podcast of my memorial for AaronSw, and the afterword he wrote for Homeland

#10yrago Edward Tufte on Aaron Swartz and his own hacking career

#10yrsago Pennsylvania kindergartener uses Hello Kitty bubble-gun at school, suspended for “terrorist threat”

#10yrsago More plagiarism from Glee

#10yrsago Montreal comp sci student reports massive bug, is expelled and threatened with arrest for checking to see if it had been fixed

#10yrsago Guy re-creates a VIA Rail car, in his basement, down to the most minute detail

#5yrsago Apple, Google add 45 minutes to commuter-bus run to avoid 280 highway, where the buses’ windows keep getting smashed

#5yrsago Racist authoritarians insisted that ending stop-and-frisk would increase violent crime, but the opposite just happened

#5yrsago Comic-strip contracts, so no one argues they’re too confusing to be enforceable

#5yrsago City of Sarajevo bans unsanctioned utterances of its name, threatens Facebook groups…



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