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Cory Doctorow
2 min readAug 9, 2022


#20yrsago Get Your Exx On

#15yrsago Alice in Sunderland: the weirdest graphic novel I’ve ever enjoyed

#15yrsago CBC blogging policy isn’t their policy

#15yrsago How AT&T fought for privacy — 80 years ago

#15yrsago Universal goes DRM-free

#15yrsago Plastic bags are devourng the planet

#10yrsago Former MPAA CTO who switched sides explains to the White House why SOPA is stupid

#10yrsago Mexican-US illegal migration has been largely static since the 1950s

#10yrsago Slick anti-corruption video takes on US copyright system

#10yrsago Chinese cops treat kidnapping as a routine form of largely acceptable debt-collection

#5yrsago Foxconn has a long history of lying about its plans to open plants and create jobs

#5yrsago India censors access to the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine

#5yrsago Man, cops sure do love calling their surveillance programs “Skynet”



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