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Cory Doctorow
2 min readMar 2, 2024


I’m on tour with my new, nationally bestselling novel The Bezzle! Catch me in TUCSON (Mar 9–10), then San Francisco (Mar 13), and more!

A yellow rectangle. On the left, in blue, are the words ‘Cory Doctorow.’ On the right, in black, is ‘The Bezzle.’ Between them is the motif from the cover of *The Bezzle*: an escheresque impossible triangle. The center of the triangle is a barred, smaller triangle that imprisons a silhouetted male figure in a suit. Two other male silhouettes in suits run alongside the top edges of the triangle.

#15yrsago What could you buy with AIG’s record-smashing $62 billion loss?

#15yrsago Born to Kvetch: Yiddish as she is spoke

#15yrsago Britain’s vast cement “listening ears” designated a national landmark

#10yrsago Phoenix cops arrest sex workers, detain them without trial in churches, pressure them to take deals without access to lawyers

#10yrsago US Trade Rep can’t figure out if Trans-Pacific Partnership will protect the environment

#10yrsago Trustycon: how to redesign NSA surveillance to catch more criminals and spy on a lot fewer people

#5yrsago Study that claimed majority of Copyright Directive opposition came from the US assumed all English-language tweets came from Washington, DC

#5yrsago Improbably, a Black activist is now the owner and leader of the “National Socialist Movement,” which he is turning into an anti-racist group

#5yrsago Coinbase bought a company founded by disgraced cybermercenaries from Hacking Team, and now Coinbase users are trying unsuccessfully to delete their accounts

#5yrsago Comcast assigned every mobile customer the same unchangeable PIN to protect against SIM hijack attacks: 0000

#5yrsago The promise and peril of “sonification”: giving feedback through sound

#5yrsago Massive study finds strong correlation between “early affluence” and “faster cognitive drop” in old age

#5yrsago Oakland teachers’ union declares total victory after seven-day strike

#5yrsago Man-Eaters: Handmaid’s Tale meets Cat People in a comic where girls turn into man-eating were-panthers when they get their periods