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Cory Doctorow
3 min readDec 1, 2023


Next Tuesday (Dec 5), I’m at Flyleaf Books in Chapel Hill, NC, with my new solarpunk novel The Lost Cause, which’s Bill McKibben called “The first great YIMBY novel: perceptive, scientifically sound, and extraordinarily hopeful.”

#20yrago Bruce Sterling hits his stride on his blog

#20yrsago Hayes Micro: the moral is, take the money and run

#20yrsago Fan builds 11,000 sqft Haunted Mansion replica

#15yrsago Neil Gaiman explains why he opposes laws banning speech he disagrees with

#15yrsago Why Candyland doesn’t suck

#15yrsago Vietnam’s amazing phone-unlockers

#15yrsago UK to punish “publishing police info” with 10 years in jail

#10yrsago Porno copyright trolls Prenda Law fined $261K

#10yrsago Presenting political argument on Twitter, and the “prestige economy”

#10yrsago Apps come bundled with secret Bitcoin mining programs, paper over the practice with EULAs

#10yrsago Study shows removing DRM increased music sales

#10yrsago UK Home Secretary secretly charters private jet to (unsuccessfully) deport dying man to Nigeria

#10yrsago JP Morgan’s “Twitter takeover” seeks questions from Twitter, gets flooded with critiques of banksterism #AskJPM

#5yrsago David Byrne’s “Eclectic Music for the Holidays” playlist

#5yrsago Incredibly detailed technical guide to camgirling is a mix of advanced retail psychology and advice on performing emotional labor

#5yrsago AI scientist who quit Google over Chinese censorship plans details the hypocrisy that sent him packing

#5yrsago To save Brexit deal, Theresa May dropped an assault rifle ban

#5yrsago St Louis cops indicted for beating up a “protester” who turned out to be an undercover cop

#1yrago All the books I reviewed in 2022

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