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Cory Doctorow


#20yrsago New “Chilling Effects” project tracks online takedowns

#15yrsago Billy Bragg gets MySpace’s terms of service changed

#10yrsago Glenn Beck compares murdered Norway campers to “Hitler Youth”

#5yrsago Pro-tar-sands activists say dirty Canadian oil is better because “lesbians are hot”

#5yrsago Highest-paid CEOs generate lowest shareholder returns

#5yrsago Olympics to companies: mentioning “Olympics” in social media is a trademark violation

#5yrsago Photographer sues Getty Images for $1B because they’re charging for pix she donated to LoC

#1yrago NYPD disciplinary records

#1yrago My HOPE 2020 talk

#1yrago Constitution Illustrated

Cory Doctorow ( is a science fiction author, activist, and blogger. He has a podcast, a newsletter, a Twitter feed, a Mastodon feed, and a Tumblr feed. He was born in Canada, became a British citizen and now lives in Burbank, California. His latest nonfiction book is How to Destroy Surveillance Capitalism. His latest novel for adults is Attack Surface. His latest short story collection is Radicalized. His latest picture book is Poesy the Monster Slayer. His latest YA novel is Pirate Cinema. His latest graphic novel is In Real Life. His forthcoming books include The Shakedown (with Rebecca Giblin), a book about artistic labor market and excessive buyer power; Red Team Blues, a noir thriller about cryptocurrency, corruption and money-laundering; and The Lost Cause, a utopian post-GND novel about truth and reconciliation with white nationalist militias.